Water With Lemon For Weight Loss Start Your Day The Healthy Way

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Drinking water with lemon for weight loss is a factor of most detox diets. These diets work on the principle that we all have too many toxins in our body and every so often we should remove them. 

The liver is the major detoxifying organ in your body. Its function is to remove toxins we ingest either via food, alcohol, medicines or from our environment. Lemons aid the liver in the detoxifying process and help to eliminate waste via the intestines. 

Lemons contain a number of vitamins and minerals and thus a lemon water makes a good start to your day. Don’t make lemonade with them as the empty calories from the sugar will not aid your weight loss.

These fruit also have diuretic qualities so they help fight water retention, which can cause bloating. never mind add a few pounds to your waistline. But drinking lemon water on its own isn’t going to win your weight loss battle. 

As with everything you need to look at your whole lifestyle. You need to increase the amount of physical activity you undertake while reducing your food consumption. We have become used to larger portion sizes and tend to overeat without realising it.

Next time you are in a fast food restaurant and are tempted to go large for economical reasons, consider your waist line instead.

If you think you need to lose weight, you should start a food diary to keep a record of exactly what you eat and when. You will soon see a pattern of behaviour arising.  Once you know why you eat like you do, you can do something about it.

Small changes can make a big difference in our weight loss journey.

Always grill or bake when cooking. Throw the deep fryer out. Instead of buying a shop bought cake, make a homemade one instead. Your own version will have fewer calories due to less quantity of fats and sugars added to make the shop bought ones last longer.

We all know that we need to eat more fruit and vegetables. Aim to eat a different colour every day for a week. You never know you may find a new food that you love. Always eat your breakfast but use semi-skimmed rather than full fat milk. Eat regular meals as it will help to boost your metabolism.

Turn off the TV and stick in an exercise DVD instead. Try out some routines at home and see if you can get your family to join in. Always follow the instructions though as we do not want any injuries. 

Get outside and play with your kids. Walk with them to the local park and play some football or some skating. 

You will not change your whole life in 24 hours but every improvement you make will win rewards. Your health will improve and your skin will thank you for what, the water with lemon for weight loss diet started.