Tips On Acne Prone Skin Care

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If your skin is prone to acne you already know how challenging it can be to find the proper products, not to mention good advice, on how to best care for your skin. Finding good acne prone skin care is challenging but it’s not impossible.

One of the most common, and potentially worst piece of advice we all get, about taking care of our skin is to wash our face frequently. Now obviously it’s important to keep your skin clean, but if you wash your face too often you can actually be making matters worse.

Harsh cleansers, hot water, rough scratchy towels and washclothes will all work together to keep your sensitive skin inflamed and raw.  That is not what you want.

What you should do is limit the amount of times you wash your face to twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.

Use a mild, non abrasive soap, use your fingers, stay away from wash clothes, to apply the cleanser. Gently rub it into your skin in easy circular motions. Rinse your skin with warm water, stay away from hot water,  and use a towel to dry your skin. Word of caution, don’t rub with the towel use it to pat your face, gently.

If you have dry skin you will need to add some moisturizer after you’ve washed your face. If you don’t have dry skin skip the moisturizer.

Another thing to keep in mind is that all skin care must start on the inside of your body. It’s imperative that you keep your body functioning properly by giving it all the nutrition that it needs. 

The first thing you need to do to maintain healthy skin is to make sure you keep your body, and your skin, moisturized. One of the best ways to do that is to drink plenty of water.

You hear about it all the time but so many people still do not properly hydrate themselves. You need up to eight glasses of water every single day. That doesn’t include pop, tea, juices, or coffee.

One of the first places dehydration shows up is by drying your skin.

Exercise is another fantastic way to take care of your skin. This may sound odd but when you exercise you are increasing blood flow all over your body. This increased circulation gives your skin that nice pink, glowing look. 

Exercising regularly also allows you to get rid of harmful toxins throughout your body. Your sweat will whisk away many toxins, it’s like the rinse cycle on your washer.

And one more very simple, but necessary step to skin care is to protect your skin from too much sun. Wear a hat and put on a high SPF sunscreen. 

Many people think that sun is good for acne because it will dry out their skin. In fact that drying is the problem. When your skin gets too dry your sebaceous glands secrete more oil.  That is there function, to keep your skin hydrated. But too much oil is what can cause unhealthy skin.

Having skin problems is no fun, but these simple,yet effective, acne prone skin care tips can help save you a lot of embarrassment and time.