Pressure Points To Relieve Headaches

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Medication isn’t always the best option for getting rid of headache pain.

Sometimes you won’t have the pain reliever on hand, other times it won’t work, and there is also the possibility that you don’t like the idea of using drugs to treat your ailments.

Pressure points to relieve headaches let you get rid of the pain without relying on drugs.

It’s not entirely understood how these pressure points work, but that doesn’t matter.

The only thing you care about is that they can work.

While they won’t always bring the relief you need, they work often enough to be useful.

The best part is that they are a completely natural alternative to medicinal pain relievers.

If your headaches are not easily controlled, are new, or are stronger than usual, then see your doctor. While the chances are small, it’s possible that you have a much more serious condition that requires professional medical attention.

Also, this article is not meant to be taken as medical advice of any kind; you can only get that from a qualified doctor.

Here are a few of the best pressure points to relieve headaches:

1. Your temples – Use two fingers from each hand and make a gentle, circular motion. Don’t press too hard, as the temples can be sensitive. Try doing this for 30 to 60 seconds, and then take a short break before doing it again.

2. The bridge of your nose – At the inside of the top of your nose where your eyebrows meet are some very effective pressure points. Simply massage the area with your fingers, applying a fair amount of pressure.

3. Your hairline – To be precise, the pressure points run along the front portion of where the hairline should be. If you have a receding hairline or are bald then you need to imagine where the hairline is. A circular massaging motion using the heel of your hand should help to ease the pain of most types of headaches.

4. Between your index finger and thumb – Here you will find a fold of skin. Pinch it firmly and then rub it. Do this for 30 to 60 seconds on one hand, and then switch to the other. You can also try using some padding and a clothespin, though that can be a bit painful for some people.

5. The shoulder blades – Most people tend to go right for the tops of the shoulders, and that can help, but one of the best pressure points to relieve headaches is found: approximately one-half of the distance between your head and the outside of your shoulders.

Using pressure points to relieve headaches means that you don’t have to rely on medication or questionable treatments ever again. Instead, you can simply use your favorite pressure point whenever the pain in your head starts, and massage your way to relief. You will always have a way of treating headaches, no matter where you go.