Not only WHO, Doctors also Do Not Suggest Exercise Using Masks

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Some time ago the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued new guidelines related to the use of masks during exercise.

Based on these guidelines, WHO states, people should not wear masks when exercising because it can reduce the ability and comfort of breathing.

In addition, according to WHO, sweat can also make the mask wet faster so breathing becomes more difficult and can increase the growth of microorganisms.

For this reason, WHO reminds all people in the world to keep a minimum distance of one meter from other people while exercising.

In order for these guidelines to be implemented, a number of people again called on the community. One of them is a doctor named Dr. Andhika Raspati, SpKO.

A doctor from PPDS Sports Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia explained about the use of masks when exercising.

According to him, people who exercise using a mask to prevent the corona virus need not worry. Because, corona virus transmission does not occur in free air.

“If the aim is to prevent covid, remember that covid is transmitted through droplets not through free air,” said Dr. Andhika, in a video.

“It means, as long as we can keep our distance from other people, it’s actually safe,” he added.

Furthermore, Dr. Andhika said that if people do not wear masks during sports and there are concerns that conditions where someone with Covid-19 runs so that the droplet hovers in the air, then there is no need to worry.

According to him, droplets do not float in the air for long periods of time.

Dr Andhika also explained the underlying reasons that the use of masks is not recommended when exercising.

“When we exercise again the body needs more oxygen, if we are blocked from wearing air masks, the body will be forced to find oxygen, the lungs will work harder. The heart will also work harder,” he explained.

“This condition if experienced by people who do have medical problems that maybe he himself does not know so he must be prepared that his picture is displayed in the Yasin book” he added.

“Never mind people who have medical conditions, healthy people who have less oxygen can bleakout” he said.

Previously, Dr. Andhika also had said to avoid others who do not use masks.

He also emphasized, if we are outside the home to exercise then there is no need to deal or interact with other people.

To that end, in order to avoid the gathering of people while exercising, Dr. Andhika suggested avoiding crowded places like GBK and choosing sports locations that tend to be quiet.

Furthermore, Dr. Andhika suggested to bring a mask when exercising and wear when we enter a crowded area.

However, if the use of masks is forced to do, then you should decrease the intensity of exercise. This is done so that oxygen demand is reduced so it is safer to wear a mask.