How Can I Lose Weight In A Day Or Two

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I am often asked how can I lose weight in a day or two. Usually the person asking has an important date and knowing that she could do with losing a couple of pounds, decides it needs to go immediately. 

While you can lose some weight in the space of a day or two, it is rarely long lasting. Given the very limited time frame, you are only going to lose excess water. If you really need to be slimmer for a particular occasion, it would be much easier to follow a couple of realistic tips such as dressing properly, cutting down on carbohydrates (temporarily only) and giving up alcohol and fizzy drinks for 48 hours. 

Dressing properly will allow you to look a lot slimmer than you are. Most people who are trying to lose some weight will wear clothes that are too tight thus emphasising rather than hiding the problem. Get your undergarments sorted out first.  Get fitted for a bra by a professional as over 50% of women wear the wrong size.

Next invest in a pair of spanx or similar hosiery.  Just in case you are not familiar with this product, they are a form of hold it in and up pants.

A lot of “skinny” celebrities are huge fans.  Try them yourself to see why. Proper underclothes will help you look like you lost a number of pounds.   Follow the underclothes with an outfit that emphasizes your good points and takes the focus away from the problem areas. 

Cut out carbohydrates for the twenty four hours before your special date. 

This will help to prevent bloating thus making you appear slimmer. 

You can fill up on fruit, vegetables and lean meat or fish.  Also cut out alcohol and fizzy drinks as both can also cause bloating never mind filling you with empty calories.

For longer term weight loss and to prevent future how can I lose weight in a day or two moments, you need to change the way you eat. You should always eat breakfast.  Studies have shown that people are more likely to gain weight if they skip this vital meal. 

You should eat slightly more protein and include it in every meal. I am not suggesting that you eat large amounts of protein as it can be very damaging to your kidneys and other internal organs. But a little extra will help you lose weight as protein helps to regulate sugar rushes.   

You should eat more good fats and cut out the bad ones. Get used to reading the food labels on everything you eat. Try to cook more at home and rely less on pre-packaged meals.

These tend to have added salt and sugar either to make them taste better or last longer. Cut down on the obvious culprits such as biscuits, sweets and cakes although an odd piece of something you really fancy will not cause a problem.

Forget about asking how can I lose weight in a day or two and concentrate on making your diet and lifestyle a healthier one.