A Serious Look At Alcoholism Symptoms May Be Needed

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When looking at alcoholism symptoms, it can be difficult to see yourself in them. The sad truth is, you may very well be an alcoholic.

You may not want this for yourself, but denial won’t help you out. It’s time to get started looking at this honestly. Are you an alcoholic?

Here are ten things you can look to. If you answer yes to any number of these, then you probably need to be seeking help.

Have you given up other activities because of alcohol?

Sometimes making sacrifices can be a good thing, but it depends on whether what you are making sacrifices for is truly more valuable than what you are giving up. Is your drinking really worth giving those other things up for?

Are you having legal problems that show up because of your alcoholism?

If this is a recurring theme, then you have to deal with this. They aren’t just picking on you. You are really putting yourself and others in danger.

Are you having a problem sticking to just one or two drinks?

If you go into a situation hoping to limit yourself to just a couple of drinks, but are never able to keep yourself to that then it might be time to correct that.

Do you feel guilty or ashamed that you might have a problem or by what you are doing?

You need to get beyond this if you want to get your pride back. You need to be able to own your problem and face it head on. You don’t need to be proud of your drinking problem, but you have to take pride in yourself and try to overcome it.

Do you continue to drink even though it is hurting other parts of your life?

You make choices every day based on what is more valuable to you.

When you continue a destructive behavior in spite of the problems that behavior brings about, you are admitting that the behavior is far more important that what is hurt by it. If your family or job is negatively impacted by your drinking, but you continue to drink, then you are saying that drinking is more important.

Have you built up a tolerance for alcohol?

Think back to how much it used to take for you to get a buzz when you just started drinking?

Compare that with how much it takes for you to have the same effect.

If your body is getting more and more used to the intoxicating effects then you will be feeling more of the negative effects of drinking too much alcohol. It doesn’t just get you drunk.

Too much in your body will cause a multitude of other problems socially, physically, and mentally.

Have you hurt someone because of your drinking?

This could be mentally or physically.

While both can have pretty negative consequences, the physical side of that can bring some serious long-term problems for you.

Alcohol is many times thought of as liquid courage, but it could also be considered liquid stupid.

You could find yourself in physical altercations with someone who might deserve a beating, but it could easily be that you could hurt someone who doesn’t and worse, someone you care about.

Don’t lie to yourself. Look closely in the mirror and see if you have a problem.

Once you get to where you can see yourself, go get help.

This article is to be used for information purposes only. It is not a diagnosis, treatment or cure for alcoholism or any other physical, emotional or mental disorder. You should always consult a health professional for proper diagnosis, treatment or cure for any physical, emotional or mental disorder.