5 tips to keep your underarms smoother, brighter as temperatures rise

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Temperatures around the northern states in the country are rising constantly, as we experience the peak summer month of June.

Taking care of your health has become extremely important due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but your skin is also a part of your body, the largest sense organ, and also requires special care.

Summer season can make you sweat excessively, causing itching, burning, and body odour.

Since we tend to sweat a lot on our underarms, it can also cause skin issues like rashes and darkness. Here are 5 tips to keep your underarms smooth, and bright, even as we experience excessive sweating due to the soaring temperatures.

Tips to keep your underarms smooth, bright during the summer

Keep them hair-free – While it is a personal choice, a lot of people experience body odour and issues due to hair growth on their underarms. Try to keep them hair free by waxing, shaving, or trimming your hair. This will help to reduce the chances of redness, itching, and unhygiene, and may also reduce body odour.

Do not be too harsh on them – Some people have a habit of doing everything in one go – from shaving, bleaching, or other treatments. It is important to give your skin time to breathe, especially sensitive areas like the underarms. Make sure you shave or trim your hair one day, then in an interval of 2-3 days, you can bleach or apply other treatments on your skin.

Use DIY bleach – If you have dark underarms, you can make a DIY bleach at home with some simple ingredients. You can mix lemon juice with some baking soda, and rub it gently on your underarms. This will help to reduce darkness in an inexpensive, effective way.

Use an antiperspirant – If your issue is body odour or too much sweat, you may use a deodorant or an antiperspirant to keep that in check. This will help to reduce sweat, and also the smell due to the same.

Exfoliate your underarms – You may use a DIY scrub with gram flour, honey, curd, etc. to exfoliate your underarms. This helps reduce the build-up of dead skin cells in your underarms and will help you get smoother, brighter skin.